An early look at the new Microsoft-Oracle partnership

Microsoft is investing heavily in the growing field of convergent outsourcing, with a new partnership with Oracle, its long-time partner.

The two companies have announced a joint venture to bring convergent software and services to the cloud.

Microsoft will offer Oracle’s SQL Server, Oracle’s Oracle Application Suite and Oracle Database, among other software to cloud customers.

The two companies said their combined efforts will create the largest convergent platform in the industry, with hundreds of millions of cloud users.

“Oracle’s cloud-centric approach is based on building a cloud-first, cloud-driven environment that enables developers to create applications that run anywhere, anytime, anywhere,” Microsoft said in a statement.

“This partnership provides an important way for developers to leverage the latest technologies and cloud capabilities from Oracle’s leading cloud services to deliver faster, more efficient solutions for customers, partners, and partners-to-be.”

Oracle is working with Microsoft on cloud-ready SQL Server for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019, along with other applications, as part of the Oracle Collaboration for Convergent Application Delivery (CAD).

The software can run on Oracle’s new Azure cloud services and on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft said it is working to “ensure interoperability across all of our platforms,” with Oracle in particular having a “significant and growing market share.”

“Oracle’s software platform and services offer an unparalleled platform for convergent applications and services,” Microsoft added.

Oracle also announced it will help customers build convergent workloads for its software and help them get cloud-connected applications and applications that use SQL Server and Oracle’s database.

“As a result, we’re excited to be working with Oracle to bring the tools of cloud computing to convergent developers and end-users,” Microsoft’s David Shubin said in the statement.

Oracle has built convergent platforms for Linux, Linux Server and Windows servers since 2000.

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