‘We don’t want to take any responsibility’ for outsourcing to outsourcing companies: Kalaipoor

Kalaipsur: “The problem of outsourcing is there, the problem of corruption is there and the problem is we are not making any effort to resolve the problem,” said Murali Thampi, who heads a committee formed to tackle the issue.

“If you look at the companies we are dealing with, the ones that are doing it, they have to look after their own interests,” he said.

“We don: not the government.

But the people.

We are here to help them, and we will help them,” said Thampu, who has been overseeing the efforts of a team of experts and activists to track down the companies who are outsourcing services to outsourcing firms.

Thampo said the government has to do something about the outsourcing.

“There are too many companies doing it,” he told reporters here.

“The government is making no efforts to find out what is happening and we don’t have a clue.

We have no idea.

The government has given the companies the option of getting out of the business, but no one has taken up it.”

A government-appointed panel, which is in the process of analysing outsourcing companies’ books and auditing them, has already identified over 70 outsourcing companies.

“They have to be held responsible,” said Ramesh Kumar, an official from the National Alliance for the Common Good (NACG), a BJP-backed organisation that was formed to promote the idea of outsourcing to non-government organisations.

“But the government is not taking any action,” Kumar said.

The NACG has been trying to mobilise activists to fight for the rights of those who work for outsourcing companies and against corruption in the sector.

The NGO has also taken up the issue with several states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh.

“All the states have been asked to take steps to protect the interests of the employees,” said Kumar.

“It’s not just a few states but every state has a stake in it.

This is a global issue,” said J.V. Sridharan, president of the Indian Administrative Service Employees Association, a union affiliated to the NACGS.

“I think it is a great opportunity for us to have a conversation,” Sridaran said.

Srivastava has been monitoring the issue for nearly a year and has been keeping a close watch on the outsourcing companies for the last six months.

“A lot of these companies are not accountable to the employees.

They don’t pay their bills.

They are not paying their salaries.

We don’t know how much they are paying their workers,” Srivashava said.

There are no official figures for the number of companies doing outsourcing but Srivas claims he has received reports of at least 60 outsourcing companies operating in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Goa.

He said the issue is not only about the companies.

According to Srivartava, the outsourcing industry is becoming a bigger threat to the country.

“As more and more companies are doing outsourcing, there are also a lot of people working in it,” Sivaraprasad said.

According the Indian Statistical Institute, about 15% of all the workforce in the country is employed in the outsourcing sector.

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