Why are companies turning to robots to automate their jobs?

Companies like IBM, Apple, Google and others are all investing heavily in robotics, which can automate tasks from assembly lines to manufacturing.

But for many companies, the robots are being used for less glamorous jobs like human care, and many have been left out in the cold.

Now, new data suggests some companies are trying to change that.

The report, released Thursday by the Federal Trade Commission, examined how robots are used in the U.S. economy.

The report found that the robots, which were installed in just two companies — the UBS Group in Switzerland and the Siemens AG in Germany — were used to automate only 8 percent of jobs.

But that’s a huge jump from the 6.7 percent robots were used for in the previous study.

While most of the robots were deployed to clean up a plant, they were used in fewer than 1 percent of manufacturing jobs, or jobs that require workers to be in a certain area of the factory.

It’s a stark contrast to other industries, where automation is more common, such as in manufacturing, construction, construction services, transportation and other services.

It’s not just the robots that are getting used to do more mundane jobs, either.

The robots were also used in jobs that involve physical labor such as lifting and carrying goods, such at a bakery or in the office.

The robots were mostly used in these occupations in the past three years, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be used in new jobs.

And while the companies involved in the study are in Switzerland, Siemens, Apple and IBM are based in Germany.

But even with robots in the factories, many of the jobs they were tasked with didn’t even require human hands to perform them.

The survey found that just 3.4 percent of the manufacturing jobs in the United States involved hands, and only 2.5 percent required a robot.

Even in the areas where robots are most needed, it’s not clear whether those robots will ever be used.

The companies surveyed for the study said they plan to use more robots, but they also said they don’t have a plan to replace all human workers.

Companies that rely on robots for manufacturing and other repetitive tasks could face lawsuits over their use.

They could be sued if they use the robots to replace workers who don’t need them, as the companies did with the robots in factories in the first two years of the study.

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