A new outsourcing company may be working with the UK government to secure visas for EU workers

The UK government is reportedly in talks with outsourcing company Abrasive to secure the visas for hundreds of EU workers working in the UK.

The move comes after the UK’s immigration minister, Damian Green, announced that the government will begin to offer EU citizens and visitors a “right to work” visa if they apply to the UK for a job within three months of their arrival in the country.

The government will now be able to apply for these visas, which will cover almost every EU country, on behalf of those who want to work in the British Isles.

Abrasion will be able, for example, to offer the British worker a contract at its London offices to work at the firm’s global headquarters in Dublin.

However, the firm has already been granted permission to hire a British citizen for a two-month period.

The company is now working with UK authorities to find out if these applications will be approved.

The British government’s move comes at a time when a number of countries, including the US, have announced plans to limit the numbers of EU citizens who can work in Britain.

On Monday, the UK Home Office said it was extending a two year ban on EU nationals applying for permanent residency.

The UK will also no longer allow EU nationals who are already working in Britain to move to work.

According to the Foreign Office, the move is aimed at encouraging companies to recruit EU citizens to work for them in the United Kingdom.

“The UK government believes that the current visa regime is the best possible route for UK employers to attract and retain highly skilled workers to the country,” a spokesperson said.

The Home Office has said that a visa for EU nationals can only be granted if they “meet all of the following criteria: The applicants must be able and willing to live and work in and in close proximity to the United States, their home country, or the European Economic Area, and their employment prospects in the US would be compatible with the applicant’s qualifications.”

The UK’s Brexit deal with the European Union is due to come into force on March 31, 2019, and many countries are expected to begin restricting their citizens from leaving the country, with the country’s Brexit vote still in doubt.

On Thursday, the British prime minister announced that he would extend the countrys visa-free travel to the EU for two years.

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