How to get a ‘digital world’ for €20 million (and that’s with a little help from you)

Tech companies are increasingly turning to outsourcing for jobs, and the Irish government is on board.

The Irish government’s new Digital Ireland strategy will see an increase in outsourcing to other countries including China, Brazil and the United Kingdom, as well as the US.

“Digital Ireland is a platform for innovation and investment to drive Ireland’s digital economy forward,” the minister for digital affairs, Seán Donohoe, said in a statement.

“The Digital Ireland platform aims to provide digital services to businesses that are highly innovative and employ thousands of people.”

The Digital Europe plan will also see a €20m contribution towards the growth of Irish innovation.

“Ireland is a global leader in technology and the innovation economy, with our innovative companies creating jobs, expanding our export base and making a real contribution to our economy,” the plan states.

The minister has been in touch with the likes of Google and Microsoft to discuss the opportunities of the sector.

“We are looking forward to working with them to drive further development of the digital economy in Ireland,” Donoho added.

We have been actively working with the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to ensure that Ireland is fully aligned to the Digital Europe roadmap, as part of the Digital Ireland Strategy,” he said.”

Through our partnership with Google and other leading tech companies, we have created more than 200,000 jobs, contributed to a thriving and growing digital economy, and will continue to make this a priority for the Irish economy.

“While the Government has not committed to the creation of 100,000 new jobs, it is looking to boost this figure.”

By 2019, Ireland’s new growth and innovation strategy will aim to create 100,0000 jobs in the digital sector, with a view to a new economic growth of up to €30 billion,” the department stated.”

To this end, the Digital Government Partnership with the Irish IT sector will focus on promoting and creating opportunities for the creation and development of high-skilled, highly-skilled and high-paid jobs across the sector.

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