How to manage and plan for outsourcing and bookkeeping outsourcing

A bookkeeping accounting outsourcing specialist is looking for help with outsourcing a small business, and is looking to work for $12 an hour.

Andrew Stelmach has been working for two years as a bookkeeping consultant for a small company in Sydney’s north-east.

He’s had a number of clients who’ve been in similar situations and says it’s a very different environment to work in.

“It’s a different type of business, so there’s a lot of different things to think about,” he said.

A bookkeeping accountant who works from home is a ‘vacuum cleaner’ Andrew says he’s been working at a company that was doing a book preparation and outsourcing role for two and a half years and that the roles were being outsourced to Australia.

“[The book preparation company] wanted to take over the book preparation work, and they were looking for a new accountant, so they were asking me to do a book preparing role and I said ‘yeah I could do that’.”

It was a pretty easy decision for me, as I was doing the job that I wanted to do and I was happy for the pay and the position that I was in, and I had a lot more flexibility with the job.

“I think a lot people who have the experience or know the people that work in that industry and have the skills that they’re looking for can see that there’s definitely opportunities out there.”

He says the book preparing job has been very challenging.

The company had been outsourcing book preparation for two to three years, and he says he was not able to stay at the same place during that time.

One day I’d be at home, the next day I was at the office, and the next, at home I was going to work.

“Andrew had already decided he wanted to move to Australia and the opportunity was too good to turn down.

So he decided to look into the role, and when he was interviewed, he said it sounded like a perfect fit for him.”

It just made sense for me to come here and get the experience, the skill set, the work that I needed, and to work at the right company,” he explained.

There was also a number more bookshelf jobs that he could apply for, and as he worked through those he was asked to work from home.

It’s not an easy job to get a job, but Andrew says he found the people at the company very welcoming.

They’ve also offered him a pay package that he says is reasonable for what he’s doing, so it’s easy for him to work there.

I’ve had an offer from a new company that is doing book preparation outsourcing and it’s very different to what I was used to, and so I’ve had a really good time working for them.

His experience has been really beneficial, he says, because he’s seen a lot changes over the course of the past year.

At the end of the year, the company is going to be looking to hire a new book preparation accountant.

If you or anyone you know needs help with bookkeeping, contact [email protected]

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