How to manage the outsourcing of IT services

A new approach to outsourcing IT services is being developed in India by outsourcing firms.

The approach aims to streamline the IT infrastructure, cut out the middlemen and increase efficiency and accountability by allowing companies to use their own expertise, according to an official statement from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT).

The Ministry of IT and IT Services (MESIS) is one of the ministries that is coordinating the initiative.

The official statement said that companies will be able to choose the outsourcing companies that they wish to use, including for IT outsourcing, IT architecture, and the design of the IT network.

A team of experts from MESIS will be tasked with identifying, identifying and identifying suitable outsourcing companies and the requirements they need to meet.

These requirements will be evaluated and based on the expertise of the outsourcing company, it said.

The ministry said that the IT outsourcing industry will be expected to work closely with the MESI in the creation of an outsourcing strategy.

“A key objective is to enhance the productivity of the sector through the development of best practices and to ensure the highest level of accountability,” the statement said.

While the outsourcing strategy will aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency, the ministry added that this will also result in the development and maintenance of the infrastructure in the country.

The statement did not mention when the strategy would be released.

The Indian IT outsourcing sector is estimated to have revenue of Rs 7,500 crore, a number that is expected to grow to $15 billion by 2020.

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