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The World Is Getting LTPL :-

Lexis Teleprocess was founded in 2012. LTPL is committed to providing ongoing value to our customers. We leverage technology and implement best practices, to provide a range of high quality and cost-efficient Information Technology Solutions, from global locations enabling customers achieve their business goals.

Why LTPL ?

LTPL BPO uses the best technologies to power our services in order to provide the best quality driven effective solutions. Our unique approach to provide consistent and significant customer service has helped many companies profitably success across various markets. Apart from this we offer cost-saving services to benefit our clients.

Our Quality
  • We adopt custom made solutions to fit the client requirement thus providing cost effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call center solutions so that the client can save huge money and at the same time the task gets accomplished by talented and skilled work force from our premises in India.
  • Our proficient environment is fully weighted with an advanced telecom devices and IT solutions in order to tackle any kind of Call center and BPO Services.

  • We maintain a smooth communication with our vendors in order to benefit them with best of the technology from our centers.

  • We take adequate steps to offer best outsourcing services which includes customer service, telemarketing, Lead Generation, Customer satisfaction surveys, help desk, technical trouble shooting, Data entry, chat services, email support, email marketing etc. starting from the recruitment stage.

  • LTPL is fully filled with knowledge, skilled resources that elegantly matches with our clients unique requirements and needs.

Skilled Work Force

  • Everybody knows that the preferred and favorite station for knowledge based professional work force will be India always. At LTPL we will hire the employees in such a way that it meets the highest customer service standards with unique experience and skills.

  • We serve our International clients in this model of business process outsource as we record a very successful off shore outsourcing.

  • We understand the business implication and have adopted continuous improvement to give the best service to our clients.


  • Strong process knowledge on International Processe.

  • Fully Loaded facility to execute any BPO and call Center .

  • Talented and trained resources to execute the outs.
  • Strong commitment towards service levels and quality.
  • Quality Management and Improvement.
  • Effective Workforce Management.