What it means for outsourcing jobs to come back

By MALCOLM BERLINMANDEL/APIn the first few months of 2016, outsourcing jobs fell by half, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.That figure came from a report that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics released last month.The BLS report found that jobs lost to automation over the past year included the manufacturing of clothing […]


What the outsourcing prevention bill is really about, and why it’s such a big deal

On March 25, 2018, the US House of Representatives passed the so-called outsourcing prevention legislation, legislation that would prohibit federal contractors from contracting with the US government on “any basis.”The measure was originally introduced in 2016 by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) as part of his effort to curb the rise of outsourcing and corporate outsourcing.The […]


How to find and hire a HR outsourcing company

The job search is a complex, often fraught, and often lucrative process, so it is vital to know the industry you’re working in and how much of it you can afford.HR professionals are a big part of this, as they provide services to many businesses including government, government contractors, and businesses like hospitals, insurance companies, […]


CPI outsourcing sitels to shut down in India

The Indian IT outsourcing company, CPI, has been informed that its two-year-old office and data centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is to shut its doors.It is the first time that CPI has been forced to shut out of the Indian IT industry.CPI will also close the IT consulting business, which will no longer be open.It will […]


GOP wants to keep ‘outsourcing’ law, says GOP lawmaker

The Republican-led Congress has approved a new bill that would make outsourcing a federal crime.The measure, the Outsourcing Prevention Act, was approved by the House of Representatives on Wednesday and is expected to be signed by President Donald Trump.The bill is aimed at cracking down on outsourcing and says it is intended to protect workers […]


How to hire an offshoring call center?

Posted December 02, 2018 07:29:53 How to get an offsite call center that is ready to go.This is an article that is not a “how to” article, but rather an in-depth explanation of the various options for hiring a call center and outsourcing its operations.Offshoring is an excellent option for companies that want to minimize […]

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