Which job is the most important to you?

It’s easy to look at the job market and see that the number of people looking for work has fallen by almost half in the past three years.That’s an encouraging sign that the jobless rate is now lower than it was just a few years ago.However, joblessness is a bad sign for the economy and […]


When outsourcing business processes becomes a national security issue

“Business process outsourcing is an issue that is very, very serious and we’re really going to have to get back to the basics,” said Dan Pfeiffer, chief executive officer of Pfeiefer Consulting.Pfeiffser Consulting has worked with several U.S. defense contractors to automate business processes.“You’ve got to be smart and very deliberate about it,” he said.PFEIFERS […]


Why software outsourcing matters

The Software and IT outsourcing bill passed the Senate on Thursday and is set to pass the House of Representatives before the end of the year.The bill will give a $1.9 billion boost to the Australian Government’s digital services industry, and it aims to streamline the recruitment process for IT jobs.It is expected to also […]


Which outsourcing firms offer the best pay?

Payroll outsourcing services and outsourcing philippine jobs are getting the best of both worlds.Payroll outsourcing and outsourcing Philippines jobs have long been popular with people who work in the outsourcing industry, with a lot of people choosing to leave their jobs for those positions.It’s a move that is often made by people who feel the […]


How to be an indie game developer: 10 things to know

“You don’t have to build games,” he said.“You just need to make sure you’re good at the things that are really important to you.” “You don’ need a lot of resources, you don’ have to do a lot, but if you’re doing the right things you’ll be happy.” The biggest misconception about game development is that it’s […]


Which companies are using Hire2 to boost profits?

If you’re a tech entrepreneur looking to make more money than you’ve ever made before, hiring an outsourcing company is probably not a good idea.And that’s because the companies you’re looking to hire for these jobs are the ones with the worst reputations.And they’re the ones that have historically been the most hostile to tech […]

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