When you call, the answer is always: ‘No’

It is an industry-standard mantra to say “no” when you hear a call centre worker speak.But this year the same mantra is increasingly being trotted out as a way to avoid outsourcing.In fact, there are many companies that are still trying to convince themselves they are in a position to save jobs.In the end, outsourcing […]


When outsourcing comes to the job market

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, what I want to do is I want everyone to have access to the same opportunity that we do.And that’s to find out how we can make sure that every single American has the opportunity to succeed.I’ve made outsourcing part of my agenda, and I’m going to continue to push that agenda, […]


What’s wrong with Amazon’s Amazon CloudFlare security?

Amazon is the cloud storage provider of choice for some businesses.But the company’s security practices are so bad that it’s forced its customers to use other services.As part of a security upgrade, Amazon recently added an additional layer of security, known as the AWS_SECRET_KEY environment variable.This variable specifies the secret key to the encrypted storage.It […]


What is outsourcing and how can we benefit?

In this post, I discuss what outsourcing means for companies and how they can capitalize on the new opportunities.1.What is an outsourcing company?There are two kinds of outsourcing companies: large and small.Large companies are primarily focused on their main business, whereas small companies have other businesses, such as healthcare or education, which they may or […]

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