Which job is the most important to you?

It’s easy to look at the job market and see that the number of people looking for work has fallen by almost half in the past three years.That’s an encouraging sign that the jobless rate is now lower than it was just a few years ago.However, joblessness is a bad sign for the economy and […]


Which outsourcing benefits are most likely to go away as the American economy turns to foreign workers?

If you’re a union member, the fact that the American workplace has become increasingly automated is a good thing.However, outsourcing benefits, including health benefits, are a particularly good reason to take a stand.The U.S. government’s health insurance marketplaces, for example, are filled with people who were laid off due to automation.That means that people will […]


How to deal with outsourcing jobs

Business processes outsourcing (BPO) is an outsourcing business where companies use computer systems to automate work.However, some businesses do not want to pay for IT, and do not use it in its full potential.Here are the best outsourcing tips you can use to ensure your business is not losing out to outsourcing.Read more: IT outsourcing […]


Payroll outsourcing benefits, advantages of outsourcing

Workers have the freedom to take jobs that would otherwise be hard to find, according to a new study by a consulting firm.The study, commissioned by outsourcing giant Ingersoll-Rand and funded by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., found that more than two-thirds of the jobs created in the past decade were outsourced.More than half […]


How to trade in a global economy

Trade in a globally integrated economy is a new trend in the global economy.Global outsourcing and offloading are the latest in a series of changes in trade patterns, economies and trade, as companies and industries adapt to globalization and a new world order.For more than 20 years, many of the world’s largest companies and enterprises […]


What’s the best way to save money on outsourcing?

The global outsourcing market has exploded in recent years, fueled by technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and SAP.According to a report from research firm Convergex, this boom has resulted in $18.5 billion in job cuts across the US, including jobs at some of the most lucrative firms in the outsourcing industry.But while outsourcing is […]

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