How to get rid of outsourcing: The Israeli IT industry

This article was originally published on January 12, 2019, and is re-posted here with permission.It was originally posted on January 25, 2019. When it comes to Israel’s IT industry, there are no more “outsourcing” jobs. It is the opposite of outsourcing.The Israeli IT sector is a multi-billion dollar industry, employing hundreds of thousands of people in fields […]


How the outsourcing industry is killing the U.S. economy

From outsourcing to warehousing to warehoused goods, the outsourcing and warehousing industries are hurting the American economy and are costing U.K. companies billions in lost productivity.From the perspective of U.s. companies, this is a huge challenge and could have a cascading effect across the U to the U.-K.economy.But the problem is, there are no clear […]


The Benefits of Outsourcing to HR

As a startup owner, you might have noticed a lot of companies that outsources to HR, or that use technology to automate some of the processes for getting your business online.But, what if you had to get all of the work done yourself?The benefits of a freelancer’s position include lower costs, flexibility, and a lower […]


Which software companies are outsourcing jobs?

A tech company that outsources some of its IT jobs to a third party is one of many firms in the IT outsourcing industry, but it is also one of the biggest employers.The number of IT workers employed by outsourcing companies has exploded in recent years, as outsourcing firms compete for IT work and there […]

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