The business process is outsourcing its accounting

The process of outsourcing accounting is a well-worn, and controversial, subject in the outsourcing industry.The idea is that outsourcing the process of the accounting of a company from a centralised company to an outsourcing service provider will save costs by making it easier to share information and save on the human cost of staff turnover.It’s […]


How to use Amazon to streamline your sales process

More than a dozen people, including a senior executive at an outsourced bookkeeping firm, said they were contacted by Amazon for this story and declined to talk on the record because they had not been paid by Amazon.Amazon declined to comment on the matter.The companies also declined to discuss specific cases.For the first time, the […]


The medical outsourcing business will soon be dominated by outsourcing companies that are outsourcing sales

As the medical outsourcing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, some companies have begun to take a hands-off approach to their sales processes, which is expected to impact the industry.The Medical Industry Outsourcing Association (MICO) has just published a report titled The Medical Outsourcing Industry: From Coding to Sales.This report lays out the history of the […]


How to cut payroll outsourcing costs

Outsourcing companies to sell their services to people who are out of work, like those in the healthcare and retail sectors, can save companies hundreds of millions of dollars in payroll costs, according to a report by a Washington-based think tank.The report, titled Outsourcing in the Age of Global Warming, found that outsourcing firms have […]

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