Which of the three is the worst outsourcing firm?

Posted by ESPN CriInfo on Monday, June 30, 2018 08:01:26 The top three companies who are the worst overseas outsourcing firms, according to a new report by McKinsey & Company, include:The company has identified three types of outsourcing firms that it believes are the main culprits behind the outsourcers’ high turnover rates:Software outsourcing and convergent […]


Software outsourcing: The key to winning the future

By Simon Collingwood, The Associated PressA software company in China is trying to shake up the outsourcing business.It’s called Software, the acronym for Software Outsourcing, or SOO, and it was founded by former Google and Microsoft executives.It offers cloud-based software as a service, and the company is making it available in more than 30 countries.The […]


An early look at the new Microsoft-Oracle partnership

Microsoft is investing heavily in the growing field of convergent outsourcing, with a new partnership with Oracle, its long-time partner.The two companies have announced a joint venture to bring convergent software and services to the cloud.Microsoft will offer Oracle’s SQL Server, Oracle’s Oracle Application Suite and Oracle Database, among other software to cloud customers.The two […]


What is outsourcing and how can we benefit?

In this post, I discuss what outsourcing means for companies and how they can capitalize on the new opportunities.1.What is an outsourcing company?There are two kinds of outsourcing companies: large and small.Large companies are primarily focused on their main business, whereas small companies have other businesses, such as healthcare or education, which they may or […]


How to make software outsourcing profitable for the Philippines

When the Philippines is facing the worst IT crisis since the 1980s, the outsourcing industry is booming.There are more than 300 software outsourcing companies operating across the country.They can be found in every province, town and village, providing software and other services for corporations and governments.Some, such as P3, have also started to offer training […]

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